Beta launch of


Baratine 0.8 released. Head over to the download page to see the change list.

Introducing Baratine

Baratine is a new distributed in-memory Java service platform for building a new breed of ultra high performance web services. Baratine's non-blocking, actor-model architecture offers consistent low-latency performance that realizes the full potential of your hardware. You write your service as a POJO (plain old Java object) and Baratine does the rest. Baratine takes care of exposing your services to clients and scaling your services to millions of users. You do not need to worry about Baratine's non-blocking architecture.

In-memory operational data

Services own their own data and data lives within the services.

Plain old Java

Easily develop non-blocking services using POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects).


Operate transactionally and reliably like a database under your programmatic control.

Non-blocking framework

Achieve uniform low-latency and high-throughput by realizing the full potential of your hardware.


Extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • 1. a non-blocking in-memory model for ultimate performance,
  • 2. a fast NoSQL model to replace your aging database,
  • 3. a database caching model for traditional applications,
  • 4. a sharded distributed model for very large applications,
  • 5. or a hybrid of any of the above to suit your needs.
Manufactured by Caucho Technology, Inc.